Do you feel you’re missing something in your life, perhaps an essential experience or an understanding of what ‘really matters’?

Here are nine signs you’re ready to wander beyond the familiar and to discover experiences that may change your life.

Need A Holiday

  1. You spend 48 weeks of a year sitting in a cubicle, and your senses feel dull. Your life could use a breath of fresh air, but you’re not sure where to look.
  2. City nature like pigeons, trees in pots, concrete high rises, and people in suits just don’t cut it anymore.
  3. All-inclusive resorts feel unauthentic and unnatural; you’re always bored after a few days. You can only spend so many mornings watching tourists stuff their bellies at the breakfast buffet.
  4. You feel there’s more to traveling than going to the major cities, visiting museums and eating expensive food, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.
  5. You see adventure gear like weather-proof jackets, performance clothing, water filtration kits, funky gadgets, and wish you could go somewhere that needed these things.
  6. The places and cultures on National Geographic seem magical, and you wonder what it’d be like to be ‘there’ in person.
  7. Images like lush rainforests, blue lagoons, volcanoes, world wonders, and ancient civilizations sound like places from a beautiful fairy tale.
  8. You spend hours looking at travel photos on Flickr or Picasa. From breathtaking scenery to portraits of people from places you’ve never heard of, you love browsing through them.
  9. You live vicariously through other people’s travels. You ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ with enthusiasm as they talk about their journey and crave an adventure of your own.

If these sound like your thoughts and you’re ready to immerse yourself in new experiences, you’re very close to having your adventure soon. By being willing to journey beyond your comfort zone, you’ve already jumped the biggest hurdle to adventure travel.


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