We usually see only the best of something, which is a good thing. In the case of entrepreneurship, we usually see the end result and the success. It probably seems easy and simple, but developing your personal venture is more than just complicated and risky. Here we will include some of the most frequent risks entrepreneurs will encounter during their way up.

Say goodbye to 9-5 job

Unless you are in college, you will have a job, which is used as a support plan for your new business. Some of the beginners believe that they can be entrepreneurs and employees at the same time. In reality, only a small number of them is capable of doing that.

Chances are much higher that you will have to risk your 9-5 job and probably quit it. In order you to develop a new business, you will need plenty of time, resources, and nerves, something which a steady job at a company already consumes. The only good thing is the fact that you won’t have to quit your steady job straight away. However, eventually, you will.

entrepreneurial spirits

Investing your personal resources

Entrepreneurs try to get funds from rich people, banks or even the governments. In some cases, it actually works, but still, before you reach a level you can ask for funding, you will need to invest money. It is going to be your money. Each project will require more funds that an average employee can save, so forget about safe financial stability.

It is possible to compare the entrepreneurship to a gamble at this point. You may earn a lot, or lose a lot. It is up to you and the quality of your product.

Trusting your team

Here is the thing. Before you can afford a few teams of professionals and experts, you will work with a single person or a few of them, creating your mini-team. Remember that your entire project depends on them as well. For example, if a developer must provide end result within a specific time frame, but he fails, your entire project will be compromised.

In the business, nobody likes postponing and a waste of time. The only thing you can do is to try to get a perfect team.

Bills and revenue imbalance

A new business must be prepared to pay a huge amount of money for bills another necessity. It is likely that your revenue is far below a number of bills. Steady money flow isn’t still possible, so in a matter of weeks, you will have a lot of unpaid bills. This is actually one of the most common problems beginners encounter.

Try to have as large emergency fund as possible and always address the bills and other payments as soon as possible. Most experts claim that once per week is sufficient, but once per day is even better.


The bottom line is to remember that entrepreneurship is far from safe and there are plenty of risks. Still, it is worth it if you take a look at the people who did it properly.


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